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Trenda Hackett, CPA

Are you ready to start your own business?


With our many years of experience and tax expertise we understand that every individual, small business or non-profit has different tax needs, and we are here for any and every tax challenge you may face. The WebCPA Virtual Tax Clinic is ready to come along side you to help you develop and implement strategies to win in your tax health.  We help you make the best decisions possible. Our personalized tax services and solutions have helped our clients save money, alleviate stress, increase knowledge, and solve their IRS problems.

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I am Trenda Hackett, a CPA and former IRS agent with over 30 years of experience in tax and accounting. The WebCPA Virtual Tax Clinic offers new ways of providing top quality and exclusive tax services to individuals and small businesses. In the WebCPA Virtual Tax Clinic we partner with and pool the expertise and talents of other former IRS agents and officers, CPAs, and other tax professionals to help individuals, small businesses, and non-profits obtain and maintain their optimal tax health at all times. We provide you with quality tax services from wherever you are!


Tax Expert

I am so happy I had the pleasure to work with Mrs. Trenda Hackett of the "Virtual Tax Clinic". Through her knowledge and expertise, she didn't just do my taxes; she was also able to offer me different strategies that can help me in the near future in maximizing my return. She really took her time and was extremely thorough and detailed with my file. Honestly, I felt like I was in the best hands and her amazing ability to make me feel like I could totally be transparent with her was a HUGE plus. I would recommend her company and as a matter of fact I have recommended her to many of my colleagues already in the real estate industry.






Candus Rucker

Broker/ Owner

Rucker Property Management Group LLC

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We thank God for putting Trenda Hackett of Virtual Tax Clinic in our path. Before we sat down to talk to her about our taxes, we knew very little about filing taxes as Business Owners. Trenda is very knowledgeable about taxes, and she explained everything from A to Z about rules and regulations for filing not only Business Taxes but Personal Taxes as well. Also, we thank God for her patience because we had so many questions about things we did not understand. She not only answered every question that we had but used examples to clarify her answer so we can understand. If you’re looking for a very knowledgeable and professional tax consultant, we highly recommend Trenda Hackett of Virtual Tax Clinic.




Julian & Lavonne  Smith


JL Veteran Connections


As a student of her John Maxwell leadership class, Trenda taught us the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and she walked us through practical and real world examples for being great leaders.  She is the real motivating factor for us starting our nonprofit and becoming entrepreneurs.  Through her wisdom, expertise and knowledge we have been running a successful business for four years.  As our trusted advisor, we have learned so much and are able to navigate through tax complexities  because of her teaching and step-by-step hands-on approach to educating others.  Trenda has helped  us understand our taxes and avoid some pitfalls in our business and personal lives.  We recommend Trenda for all things taxes, tax laws, leadership and growth.  



Greg and Tia Airington


Above All Things Dream Foundation Inc.


Mrs. Hackett is a phenomenal teacher/coach/ consultant.  She hired me about six years ago to work in her tax company. She poured into me everything I needed to know about taxes and more. Trenda is patient, kind, wise, and resourceful. She believes that if you are going to do something, you should do it right or not at all. She has held me accountable to my goals while encouraging, advising, and coming along beside me as I started my LLC and Non-profit. My businesses would not be where they are if it was not for her training, coaching, and consulting.






Deyona Kirk

CEO/ Founder

Deyona Kirk Enterprise

Divine Konnections 

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