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Quality Tax Services From Wherever You Are

We specialize in tax services that provide optimal tax health for individuals and small businesses at all times.


Our goals and objectives are:

  • To assist you in dealing with and resolving your IRS problems

  • To provide you with tools and strategies early on to minimize the amount of tax you pay

  • To provide personalized tax services to meet your individual and business needs

  • To educate and assist you in understanding and meeting your tax responsibilities

  • To provide information in a simple and easy to understand format

  • To build a strong trusted advisor relationship through easy and convenient access to your CPA

  • To provide quality tax help from wherever you are through face-to-face meeting with your CPA via video conference



Saving You Money

With many years of experience, our experts have the knowledge and expertise to handle any situation. The purpose of our tax checkup is to help you avoid any tax surprises before the year is out. During your visit we will check your vitals (Income, Deductions, Credits, Withholding, Tax Estimates) and provide strategies early on to reduce the amount of tax you pay thereby keeping dollars in your pocket!


Alleviating Stress

We help alleviate your stress and save you money by preparing your individual or business tax returns minimizing the amount of tax you pay and maximizing the amount dollars you keep in your pocket. Whether its the current year or prior years returns you need prepared we can help you!



Making Sound Decisions

Whether you are a new, existing, or aspiring business or non-profit we help you meet your tax requirements and make sound decisions through offering strategies, business formation, systems setup, business plan preparation, loan review, financial reporting and much more!


Solving Your IRS Problems

With the experience of former IRS agents and officers and other CPAs and experienced tax professionals, we help you alleviate stress by solving your IRS problems! Imagine not having to worry about the IRS...



Need A Second Opinion?

We will perform a detailed review your tax return prepared by someone else looking for any missed items that could reduce the amount of taxes you owe resulting in your dollars back in your pocket! 


Empowering Through Knowledge

We talk about tax! Book us to speak at your event and we will engage, equip, and empower your participants with tax knowledge and strategies.


Through our online tax university we will provide brief courses on relevant tax topics to help you become knowledgeable and understand the impact on your tax situation. We help you understand your tax responsibilities.

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